Faial Island


Faial (blue island – for the blue hydrangeas): A historic city on the island of Faial, Horta is a delight for everyone who visits it. The city has several attractions and for those interested in knowing more about the ethnography and history of the island, be sure to visit the Horta Museum and the Scrimshaw Museum. Another great highlight is Peter Café Sport, considered a must-visit place, historical and cultural landmark of the Azores, already elected among the best bars in the world. They say the place serves the best gin and tonic in the world. The Horta Marina is another point to visit on the island of Faial, marked by paintings and stories from all over the world, the moored boats, all this makes the engaging place a must-see for all visitors.

Considered the most important Marina in the Azores and the fourth most visited Marina in the world, it holds up to 300 vessels. Located in the parish of Capelo, Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo is the highest point on the island of Faial, with an altitude of 1,043 meters. The Capelinhos Volcano that emerged from the seabed. The phenomenon became a landmark in the history of world volcanology and it all happened in the sea itself, next to the Capelinhos Islets, a region where the violent and frightening explosions took place, with the destruction of the lighthouse and some nearby houses. The Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Center is the main place to obtain information about the history of the Capelinhos Volcano, offering a set of exhibits that show visitors the eruption of the volcano, the formation of the Azores archipelago and other stories about volcanism.

Originating from the eruption of a volcano in the sea and thus attached to the Island of Faial, Monte da Guia is another place in the Azores with excellent views over the Monte da Guia Nature Reserve, classified as a Protected Landscape Area, due to its geological formation, endemic fauna and flora. Located in the Bay of Porto Pim, within the city of Horta, Praia de Porto Pim has a volcanic origin, and this origin can be easily identified by the elevations added to the site, Monte da Guia and Monte Queimado. On site is the Porto Pim Whale Factory, whose importance goes back to the past of the Island of Faial. Currently the factory is an interpretive center of the former whaling activity of the Azores. Praia do Almoxarife offers its visitors a beautiful panoramic view of Pico Island and is very close to the city center. Ponta da Espalamaca is the highest point located over the City of Horta and Praia do Almoxarife and has one of the best viewpoints on the island. Restaurant: Oh! Holy Mouth; Dock Corner; Genuine; Myths; Square Canteen.