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€110 - €160/night

Enveloped by the whispering sea in Prainha, Pico Island, resides our authentic stone sanctuary, the Adega do Garajau. Steeped in tradition, its stoic exterior guards a modernized retreat, deftly marrying old-world charm with new-world comforts. As a one-bedroom, one-bathroom haven, it offers an intimate getaway, perfectly curated for two. Yet, it doesn’t simply contain the bare necessities. It serves as a catalyst for your desires, be it a solace for concentration or a place of productivity, the uninterrupted vistas of the mighty Atlantic provide a tranquil backdrop. Picture this: work that flows effortlessly, fueled by the relentless inspiration the breathtaking views generously offer, constantly within your gaze through the expansive, ocean-facing windows. At the day’s close, step out into the generously proportioned outdoor area, where the setting sun paints the sky in hues as varied as a Pico vineyard. The provided barbecue stands ready for the grill master within you, teasing out the smoky flavors of the day’s catch, or a succulent steak sourced from a local farmer. Your senses continue to be indulged as you savor a glass of Pico’s finest wine, subtly complex, mirroring the very landscape from which it is born. Or maybe you’ll find joy in the simpler things, like greeting the day with a breakfast set to the gentle serenade of waves breaking against the shore. With the sea at your doorstep and tranquility as your neighbor, Adega do Garajau stands as more than a house. It’s an experience, an invitation to soak in the essence of Pico Island. So why wait? Come, make our home yours, and let your story be etched into its stone walls.


1 Double room
1 Bathroom
1 Kitchen and Living Area
2 People
Extra/1 Single bed/15 €


Low Season

1 Jan - 31 Mar, 1 Nov - 31 Dec


Free Crib
1 Extra bed + 15€
Breakfast basket + 28€

High Season

1 Abr - 31 Out


Free Crib
1 Extra bed + 15€
Breakfast basket + 28€