Environmental Practices
  • Installing flow regulators on taps and reducing flushes;
  • Replacing house lighting with energy-saving light bulbs;
  • Introducing recycling containers for the selective collection of waste;
  • Turning off, whenever justifiable, refrigerators and water heaters;
  • Turning off all electrical equipment using the ON/OFF button;
  • Prohibition of smoking inside houses;
  • Not using pesticides and fertilizers in gardens;
  • Providing customers with detailed information about outdoor activities and public transport schedules;
  • Providing information on the operation of the equipment, in order to maximize its use;
  • Changing towels and sheets every 4 days or whenever the guest requests it;
  • Using ecol cleaning and disinfection products correctly;
  • Carrying out regular checks of the proper functioning of the equipment in accordance with the company’s Maintenance Plan;
  • Providing food and beverage products from local producers.
Environmental Policy
  • Assess and try to control the impacts resulting from the activity as much as possible, aiming to continuously improve environmental performance;
  • Raise employee awareness of environmental issues and ensure that service providers have the necessary certifications and that they meet safety requirements and good practices inherent to sustainable tourism;
  • Disseminate our environmental policy to guests, inviting them to be active agents of it and raising their awareness of outdoor activities