Flores Island


Flores (pink island – due to the azaleas): Fajã Grande, the most populated location on the island, is located on the west coast, bordered by the huge slope of Rocha da Fajã, a cliff that in some areas exceeds 600 m in height, here you can also visit Poço do Bacalhau, a small pool at the bottom of a 90-meter high waterfall, where you can swim. Located inside the Flores caldera, the Sete Lagoas are connected by their characteristics and landscape: Lagoa Funda, Lagoa Branca, Lagoa Seca, Lagoa Comprida, Lagoa Rasa, Lagoa da Lomba and Lagoa Negra. The ex-libris of the entire island is Rocha dos Bordões, an imposing hill originated by a curious geological phenomenon that solidified into high vertical grooves. The Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, a place of extreme natural beauty where silence reigns, the lagoon formed by the waterfalls is known as Lagoa das Patas. Fabrica da Baleia, one of the most important buildings in whaling architecture, was the first great Florentine industry. The Monchique islet is the westernmost point of land in Europe and for many years it was used by navigators to set course. Restaurants: Coast; Sunset; The Trás-os-Montes oven; The Moreao.