Santa Maria Island


Santa Maria (yellow island – due to the broom that abounds there): Known for its beaches and bays, which refer to paradisiacal places, Praia Formosa, Baia de São Lourenço, Praia da Prainha, Baia dos Anjos and the Mayan Bay. Barreiro da Faneca is a semi-desert, arid and clayey landscape, with a red color and a protected landscape area, with about 8.35 Km2.

The Dalberto Pombo/Casa dos Fósseis Environmental Interpretation Center provides a 3D trip through the geological formation of the island, from the past to the present, focusing on the importance of its paleontological richness in the international context, in addition you can take a walking trail through the most recent area of ​​the island, namely Pedreira do Campo, Figueiral and Prainha . The Ribeira de Maloás, a unique geological formation in Malbusca that resulted from the contact of the sea with the lava flow and gave rise to a waterfall approximately 20 meters high.

Poço da Pedreira, is an old area deactivated from the extraction of aggregates, it draws attention for its peculiar reddish color and the vertical formation of its walls. Aveiro Waterfall, approximately 100 meters high, where only the sound of the water prevails. Pico Alto, the highest point on the island, at about 586 meters, from here you can see the entire island. Restaurants: Espaço em Cena; Table of Eight; Central Pub; The Travessa.