Graciosa Island


Graciosa (white island – for its white stones): Graciosa, the island with imposing volcanic cavities and surprising bathing areas. Here you can visit Furna do Enxofre, known as the “cathedral” of volcanic cavities in the Azores, it is one of the places that must be included in a tour of Graciosa Island. Enjoy the viewpoints and magnificent views that this island can offer you, such as Furna do Castelo, a short trail whose beginning is marked by a small sign.

Adventure through the lava tube grotto, at the end you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the green vegetation of the interior of the Caldeira. The Carapacho Viewpoint, equipped with wooden benches where you can enjoy peaceful moments with the sound of nature as a soundtrack. Ponta da Barca Lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in the Azores. Discover the fascinating Porto Afonso, nestled in the reddish-toned cliffs of the parish of Guadalupe. Despite being currently unused, it is still possible to see the caves carved into the cliffs where fishermen used to keep their boats.

Relax at the Carapacho Spa, with temperatures between 35º and 40º. Delight yourself with the famous Queijadas da Graciosa. Explore the mysterious Furna do Abel, a lava tunnel also known as Furna de Lavar, which extends for 93 meters in length. You can find out more about the island and its customs at the Graciosa Museum. Restaurants: Costa do Sol; Jale; Star of the Sea.